Title: The Scions of Shannara

Author: Terry Brooks

ISBN: 9781857230758
Pages: 512
Description: I need a way to rate the book and then a way to separately rate the edition I got. I have the audio I got from OverDrive and the gain is so low that with the recording turned up all the way, my speakers turned up all the way and going into my computers audio controls and jacking them up all the way I could barely hear it. Recording value -1 star.

The book is a return to the world of the original Shannara trilogy though much later. magic is outlawed and practically gone (funny how often that seems to happen in “fantasy worlds”) Our hero(es) are tasked with saving the world, by bringing magic back, by finding the Sword of Shannara. (Hey just because that’s how this whole series started don’t knock it. When you get a good plot idea [or find a good plot idea] like “recovering a magic sword” use it as often as possible….right?)

Anyway, did you get that? It’s sort of a multilevel quest. They have to bring back magic to save the world, but they have to find the Sword of Shannara to bring back magic. Well, to find the truth about magic and saving the world.

Now if you find that a bit convoluted, “shame on you how dare you criticize a classic work of fantasy”? At least that’s the reaction I tend to get when i express opinions like that.

Go figure.

And by the way…someone’s pretty ungrateful as there was already a quest to find the Sword of Shannara and when it was found someone obviously didn’t take care of it, AND it seems they’ve lost the Elf Stones to!!!!

We just can’t have nice things….

Not a bad book. If you get the audio I got, good luck on actually being able to hear it however.

*Just had to correct a word.
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