Title: Bio Rescue

Author: S.L. Viehl

ISBN: 9780451460080
Pages: 416
Description: It was an enjoyable, quick read except for the idiotic romance. Viehl writes great aliens. She points out potential cultural differences from humans in a way that feels objective and interesting. And she’s a good story teller. But she has serious issues when it comes to love and respect. The guy in this book manipulates, blackmails and controls the female, outside of the boundaries of their society and certainly ours. It is not fun. I can tolerate it in the context of a sci-fi novel with romance as a small part of the story. And because I was curious to see what she had to write about what happened on K2 after the character Cherijo from the Stardoc series left, as well as the backstory than Shon presented from that series. I did enjoy seeing the connection between Ana and Dr. Meyer, brief and underdeveloped as it was. But I certainly will never, ever read one of her romance novels.
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