Title: Thieves’ Paradise

Author: Eric Jerome Dickey

ISBN: 9780451211453
Pages: 416
Description: I’ve been meaning to read this book for quite some time.
I first got into Eric Jerome Dickey books as a teenager in secondary school. I loved the drama, the scandals and how the characters were all generally a huge mess.

I haven’t read an EJD book for at least 7 years since I grew out of them. But I decided to give one more book a try before I write off EJD books as a thing of the past.

Anyway, Thieves’ Paradise is a story of regular people trying to survive. The story follows the life of protagonist Dante.

A young man who just turned 25 and has already lived quite an unfortunate life which included doing time in prison when he tried to save his mother from his violently abusive father.

Impacted by the burst of the dot com bubble, Dante is out of work and finds himself in a desperate situation along with one of his closest friends Jackson whose life is equally tragic.

Long story short, Dante and Jackson get involved again with their friend ‘Scamz’ to try and make some quick money to tide them over but get sucked into a world of trouble which almost costs Dante his life.

To start with, I found it overwhelming at just how much was crammed into only 3 days of Dante’s life. Each situation happened so quickly it took me much longer to read this book than most as there was quite a bit to digest. Drama outside of the day to day scams was typical, baby mama drama, cheating spouses, trouble with the law.

It became very apparent that I’ve outgrown EJD’s writing as I cringed reading the ‘intimate’ moments and actually skimmed over them completely. I found the writing in some places to be a bit repetitive and there was a bit of filler which I found to be unnecessary to the plot.

I was only able to get into the book half way through and I did like the ending. Out of all the pain and drama, it was nice that there was a ray of sunshine to end the book on a high note.

If you like books full of urban drama then you might enjoy this. There are fights, arson, adultery, scams and even murder! All packed tightly into one little book.
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