Title: The Fields of Home

Author: Ralph Moody

ISBN: 9780803281943
Pages: 335
Description: The Fields of Home is my least favorite of this series but I highly recommend you don’t skip it. At this point in the story Ralph is living with his grandfather and it seems like he is constantly criticizing Ralph. But it has it’s redeeming qualities and I wouldn’t want to miss this portion of Ralph’s experiences and how he handles all of it.

This book takes place in Maine & I found the following review from Amazon of interest and thought I would share it:

“If one was brought up ( as I was ) in Maine, farming with horses – the reality of the narrative is apparent…. Moody was writing about real people who actually existed! Tom Gould (the Grandfather) was a Civil War Vet – Company I, 16th Maine; he actually did work the farm described in the book; his father, Jacob, actually did clear the farm from the wilderness; Tom actually was born when his father was 72, etc., etc. A boulder in nearby Hillside Cemetery in Lisbon memorializes Jacob, Tom and the farm which is the setting for this book. This is a cultural thumb print of turn-of-the-century Maine. One might also explore the writings of another of Tom’s grandsons (and Ralph Moody’s first cousin), Maine author, John Gould.”

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