The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood

Author: Howard Pyle

ISBN: 9781595406552
Pages: 400
Description: Seldomly I’ve been so touched by a book as I was by Robin Hood. From the very beginning it was a lighthearted and happy tale of an outlaw and his adventures, told in a careless, joyful and entertaining language – depicting Robin Hood not as a criminal, but a lovely young man with a sharp wit, sense of humour and excellent skills with the bow. He is the king of his band of men yet they are equal, he shows mercy for the needing and sympathy for the weak. You wish him all good in the world and it is with a somewhat heavy heart that you wish him a good journey with the King of England when he “grows up”, and you shed tears when he returns to Sherwood after years of service to the King, even more so when his band of men all return to him. Even so, all things good must end and you feel like you’ve lost your dearest cousin, the one that was your favourite because he was charming, witty and wellmannered, as well as he had a pure heart…farewell Robin Hood, may you rest in peace.

I do realise that this story is nothing but fiction based upon folklore and that the real Robin Hood might not have been worth the glory…nevertheless he is an interesting character and I believe that Pyle has managed to create a real hero with his interpretation of him. I love Robin Hood more now than I did as child, watching countless movies and cartoons about him, most of these inspired by this tale. But nothing beats the “real thing”, so to say, and I feel that my childhood hero has gained a stronger place in my heart.
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