Secret of the Widow Mulvane: A Man for Clair

Author: Guy Bailey

Pages: 206
Description: Solve the cold case and fall in love: A young stripper returns to her home town where the man from next door was murdered 20 years ago. The widow is very interested in her arrival, so too a cute karaoke singing gardener guy.

Clair is alone in life. She’s smart, confident and self-reliant. She’s surrounded by people and completely alone. It’s the way she likes it. Men are fun – nothing of substance going on there. Life is as carefree as the road trip Clair is taking – a three day drive to a small fishing village down the coast where she used to spend summer holidays with her grandparents – the town where Charles Mulvane was found bludgeoned to death in his study one night in 1986.

Clair is researching the unsolved case for a college criminology paper. She meets a friendly local girl and teams up with her cute brother for a bit of sexy fun and to snoop on the widow. Secrets long buried come back to life – their key unlocking more than our unsuspecting heroine could have ever imagined.

Secret of the Widow Mulvane: Clair & David is the 2nd in a five book series of powerful stand-alone mysteries with strong romantic persuasion. You will find the dual plots quite balanced. Fans of either genre have plenty to delve into here.

Erotic content – adults only reading.
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