Title: The Wind Blows Backward

Author: Mary Downing Hahn

ISBN: 9780380775309
Pages: 272
Description: I’m giving this five stars, not for how I might read it now, but for how I read it in sixth grade.

Spencer? SWOON. Like, five-stars swoonerific. Be still my eleven-year-old heart.

Seeing this book also makes me think I need to start laying off making fun of the Twilight tweens. As far as obsessive, co-dependent love goes, Stephanie Meyer’s characters pale (hahaha, pun) in comparison. But seeing this book makes me realize that I did indeed find that terribly romantic when I was a tween, so I need to stop being so crotchety about these things.

Plot is simple: moody, swoonerific bad-boy track star Spencer falls in love with shy, insecure, bookish Lauren. (SWOON) Spencer rescues Lauren from bullying classmates. (SWOON) Lauren rescues Spencer from his darker side. (SWOON) And they have sex. Lots and lots of sex. (TRIPLE SWOON) I think this might have been my first sex scene. Aw. If you don’t count Flowers in the Attic. And honestly, no one should count Flowers in the Attic.

I honestly can’t say what it would be like reading this book as an adult. But I’m swooning just thinking about it.

Did I mention there’s sex????

*Update* Having now re-read this book for the first time since I was eleven, all I can think is WHAT kind of morose, twisted eleven year old was I to think this was romantic??? DEAR GOD. I’m standing by my rating, because I remembered it as a 5-star book, but dear God. DEAR GOD. Twilight looks positively healthy next to this.
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