Title: James and the Giant Peach

Author: Roald Dahl

ISBN: 9780140306231
Pages: 111
Description: When James accidentally drops some magic crystals by the old peach tree, strange things start to happen. The peach at the top of the tree begins to grow, and before long it’s as big as a house. When James discovers a secret entrance-way into the fruit and crawls inside, he meets wonderful new friends – the Old-Green-Grasshopper, the dainty Ladybug, and the Centipede of the multiple boots. After years of feeling like an outsider in his aunts’ house, James finally found a place where he belongs. With a snip of the stem, the peach household starts rolling away – and the adventure begins!

Roald Dahl’s first and most widely celebrated book for young people continues to thrill readers around the world.
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