Plain Proposal

Author: Beth Wiseman

ISBN: 9781595548504
Pages: 304
Description: Plain Proposal is book #5 of the Daughters of the Promise series. I knew before I started this that I would enjoy this Beth Wiseman book and I was right. I just love her books. Miriam Raber and Saul Fisher have admired each other for years, since first grade actually but neither had acted on it. He wanted to ask her out but since he was planning on leaving the community he didn’t want to ask her out and then break her heart. She takes matters into her own hands when she initiates a conversation and his tongue has a mind of it’s own when he then asks her out. They become a couple but he still worries about breaking her heart. Her Englisher cousin comes to visit for the summer after her parents divorce and they need to straighten her out after she falls in with the wrong crowd. Her parents think the Amish way of life will do it. I enjoyed reading how the cousin, Shelby went from homesick and faithless to a warm, and engaging faith filled young woman who is so at peace she wants to join the Amish faith. When it becomes know Saul’s father has a drinking problem Saul doesn’t want to leave home anymore because he feels the need to take care of his younger brothers. Miriam is so disappointed because she had wanted to marry Saul and live the Englisher life but now it doesn’t look like it will happen. Will Miriam and Saul’s relationship be able to survive this hardship? I suggest you read this delightful book and find out for yourself.
Published March 28th 2011 by Thomas Nelson (first published January 1st 2011)
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