Saving Jasmine

Author: Rose Nickol

Description: All Maisy Stringfield wanted to do was to find her sister and make sure she was okay. Jasmine had disappeared before but never for this long. Something was wrong. Maisy took the job working at the Blazing Sun Bar and Biker’s club hoping to get information on where Jasmine might be.

She hadn’t counted on Stud, who was the president of the Satan’s bears and a complication she didn’t need. She didn’t need him chasing her around and interfering in what she needed to do.

Razor was the leader of the wolf pack and determined to take over the Bears and Stud’s territory. He didn’t care who he had to hurt to do it.

Stud was tired and ready to find his mate. When he saw the little waitress working in his bar, he knew she was his. Not to convince her. Keeping her safe while he persuaded her was another chore. He was surrounded by incompetents.

Could he defeat Razor, find Jasmine and convince Maisy to be his?
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