Bring Them Home

Author: D.S. Butler

Pages: 304
Description: Gripping UK Police Thriller!

This was a wonderful and suspenseful read for me. The book is so enticing and well-written that I didn’t want to stop reading and felt sad when the story ended.

The story begins with two ten year old girls (Emily and Sian), who have sneakily left school early to meet a friend in the woods. This friend was going to let Emily ride some ponies that she visited frequently and wished she could learn how to ride them.
Several minutes after leaving school, the girls seem to vanish. Noone has seen them anywhere since they left the safety of the school property. Someone Must Know! The story also centers around four detectives handling this case. DS Karen Hart and her boss DI Morgan and two younger detectives DC Rick and DC Sophie. Eighteen months ago, another girl went missing and was never found and Karen has a hunch the cases could be connected but the pieces don’t fit too well, since the unsolved case was about a missing nineteen year old and the missing girls are very young, so the chances of being connected are very slim.

I really enjoyed this book. It had many twists and turns and a variety of colorful characters who were quirky, entertaining and mysterious. The main characters (the detectives) are people that you want to know better and they all have background stories that that are not known to one another and makes the storyline more interesting. This book had everything for me and I can’t wait to read more of D. S. Butler’s books.

I highly recommend this book to all mystery and crime readers!

I have given this book 5 Wonderful
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