Democratic Socialism

Author: Byron Goines

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Have you heard the words “Democratic Socialism?” Are you familiar with the ideology of a Democratic Socialist? Have you heard the Conservative deception that Democratic Socialists are socialists and communists? Did you know that a Republican president utilized Democratic Socialism to help people in need during a critical time in United States History? Did you know that Democratic Socialism has helped multitudes of Republican, Democrat, and Independent politically affiliated Americans? Did you know that Democratic Socialism is currently helping multitudes of Republican, Democrat, and Independent politically affiliated Americans? Did you know that Democratic Socialism will continue to help multitudes of Republican, Democrat, and Independent politically affiliated Americans in the future?

Find out the facts about Democratic Socialism in this powerful audiobook by Byron Goines. Conservatives have deceived many Americans concerning Democratic Socialism. Byron Goines refutes Conservative deception with irrefutable facts contained in this powerful audiobook. Byron Goines addresses the topic of Democratic Socialism in an informative straightforward manner that is sure to enlighten all listeners.
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