Title: Love Always, Hobby and Jessie

Author: Sara Robinson

ISBN: 9780984249602
Pages: 210
Description: Even the most difficult of marriages can survive a lifetime through commitment, acceptance, and work. In Love Always, Hobby and Jessie, the improbable bond that was the marriage of Hobby and Jessie Robinson showcases one example of a rocky marriage that eventually finds its footing. Defined by their heritage and their experiences, Hobby and Jessie met, merged, -and split many times as they unknowingly defined their unique relationship. The conditions implemented to keep peace forged an eventual lifelong truce and acceptance. Those outside of their marriage would have been puzzled the solutions that Hobby and Jessie found. As unconventional as they were to each other, their attempts at brokering their special treaties mirrored their individual styles. Couples who settle on the edges of their relationship often find themselves at the very center of it.Sara Robinson grew up in Elkton, VA and currently resides in Charlottesville, VA.
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