Title: Scent of a Vampire

Author: Jude Stephens

Pages: 467
Description: On a trip to Atlantic City with her best friend, Olivia Sherman discovers that she is an evolved being with highly developed senses. She also discovers that there are other evolved species in the world, including two extremely hot vampires that for some reason want her. Roberto Valente is a dark, sensuous vampire who is used to being in command. Olivia finds herself drawn to him and what he can teach her about her out of control passion. Alexander Sandstrom is the light to Roberto’s darkness. It seems that the fun loving vampire doesn’t take anything too serious except his feelings for Olivia. Overwhelmed and confused she is faced with an even greater threat. A secret organization, The Guardians want to use her abilities to hunt and kill the Evolved whom they consider abominations. Her life in turmoil, she must choose her path and follow her heart to the vampire that is her destiny.
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