Title: Witch

Author: Christopher Pike

ISBN: 9780743427999
Pages: 225
Description: She was a good witch.

Julia is a young woman with extraordinary powers. She has the ability to heal people with her touch. She also knows things that are happening in far-off places when she looks in water that has sunlight shining on it. She comes from a tradition of witches—good witches. But before Julia’s mother died, she warned her daughter never to look in water that had moonlight shining on it.

Unfortunately, almost by accident, Julia does. What she sees is a vision of the future, a scene in which a young man she doesn’t know is shot in a hold-up and dies in her arms. Only later, when Julia attends a football game at school, does she meet the young man. He is her girlfriend’s new boyfriend.

Julia immediately falls for the guy, but it is an ill-fated love. He does not belong to her and he is supposed to die. Or does he have to die? Julia doesn’t know if her vision of the future is set, or if it can be changed. She doesn’t know why the gunman in her vision evokes such hatred in her, and why she feels she must destroy him at all costs. But using the supernatural powers at her command, and risking her own life plus the lives of her friends, Julia will find the answers to all these questions, at a terrible cost.
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