Bully Boy Blue

Author: John Nicholl

Pages: 76
Description: BULLY BOY BLUE is a dark psychological suspense novella by Amazon # 1 bestselling author, John Nicholl, and ex-police officer and child protection social worker. This fast-paced novella deals with an abusive marriage; the wife, Kathy controlled by her violent “Bully Boy” husband, Michael.

But what makes this even worse is that Bully Boy is a COP…a well-respected detective…an Inspector in his field.

Kathy is like silly putty in his hands…she has no control in her life. He controls all her movements, she has been separated from all her friends and family, everything is timed and must meet his level of satisfaction. “Bully Boy” tells everyone that his wife had suffered a mental breakdown after her miscarriage and is now suffering from postnatal depression…and is now taking it out on him! What a bastard!

“You’re mine, Kathy. You’re my property to do whatever the hell I like with.”


And who do they believe…well naturally a COP!

When she learns that she is pregnant again, she realises that she must take back control in her life, for the sake of her unborn child. Her brutal husband had beat her before until she miscarried her first pregnancy. It wasn’t going to happen again…She has a plan.

Did she escape or not? You will just have to read this short story to find out her strategy.

I can’t say any more for fear of spoiling the plot. John Nicholl’s extensive experience provides credibility to this piece of fiction. He has an important message to share with the reader, whether they want to hear it or not. Abuse is Abuse and never should be tolerated!

I wish to thank the author, John Nicholl, for providing me with an ARC of the book about Domestic Violence, and keeping it on the forefront.

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