Demon Singer I

Author: Benjamin J. Nichols

ISBN: 9781497530041
Pages: 316
Description: Vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, false goddesses, fairies, goblins; Soul Singer Lyric feared none of them. On the day he cast his Soul Song into the Verge to tie forever to one of the mysterious and powerful Vergers, something entirely unique occurred. For the first time in history, a Soul Singer cast so far through the Verge his Song landed in Hell itself and tied him to the very thing he’d pledged his life to fight.

Now he has a year to find a way to sever a bond that is supposed to be eternal and unbreakable, if he doesn’t, the Guild will consider him fallen and treat him like any other demon.

As if this wasn’t enough, Lyric, the demoness Acheron and the mysterious swordswoman, Cadence, learn of a prophecy that leads to them becoming inextricably tied up in the first supernatural war the earth has seen in centuries. From Boston to Louisiana to California, the Soul Singer and his companions are driven all the way to the second-sight city of Markhato, where free will kicks destiny in the teeth.
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