Qaid / قید

Author: Abdullah Hussein

ISBN: 9789693500721
Pages: 119
Description: Qaid finds its setting in a village located in the unpartitioned subcontinent. A village kid, at the onset of his puberty feels restless at night and decides to explore his village at night. His father was a Peer (spiritual master) who was known to cure the ailments of his mureedeen (followers) through his spiritual powers. He lived in his Hujra (small room) outside the village. The boy decides to reach that room and finds his father exploiting a village woman. Thus begins a story where men exploit and women get sexually exploited. The theme was how religion was used to exploit the lives of people. Another theme was the lack of representation of the women in the struggles carried out in the subcontinent. Feminism never really found its place here until very late. And how that lack of representation, combined with exploitation led towards violence and mental disorders. A very nice read indeed for those wanting to know about certain aspects of the indigenous culture of the subcontinent.
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